April 2016 From the East

The month of March was a busy one for the Lodge. Our first meeting saw us decide on the options between staying at our current location or moving the Lodge to the Temple where Birmingham Lodge #188 resides.

After careful analysis, and spirited discussions, the Lodge decided, unanimously, to stay at our current location. We thank our brothers at Birmingham #188 for their gracious offer and look forward to continuing and advancing our close, historic relationship.
Now, that the Lodge has voted to remain at our current location in Laurel, we will work with the Holding Corporation to make various improvements to the Lodge building. The process has already started, as members who have visited the Lodge recently have noticed.

The East has been sinking/ sagging for a number of years. The Holding Corporation hired contractors that came in and essentially raised up the East by adding in wood support beams on the ground floor. The results look fantastic and I want to thank Brother Bernie Burke and the Holding Corporation.

Also, at our first meeting, we held a White Apron Night, where we explored the history and significance of the White Leather Apron and lecture in the EA Degree. It was a pleasure to see and hear the stories of all the White Aprons in the Lodge that night.
Our second meeting saw the Initiation of Brothers Hoshimov and Brendan. All the  officers did a great job during the degree.

The month of April brings some more Masonic knowledge as well as some history, with a Past Masters night. Our April 4th meeting will see an explanation and discussion of the EA  lecture. The lecture is a long one, but full of  Masonic symbolism that will be explored.  After the meeting, there will be Holding  Corporation meeting.

The second meeting, on April 18th, will be a Past Masters night. There I hope to see as many Past Masters in the chairs as possible. Like last year, we will dive into the records/ minutes of the Lodge and explore the history of this great Lodge. I hope like last year, it will be a great evening.

Grave Side Memorial Service for Brother John Paul Jones Sunday, April 24, 2016 at 2:30 PM U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD Assemble at Annapolis Lodge No. 89 at 2:00 PM Step off from Annapolis Lodge at 2:30 PM Parking and shuttle being setup from the Naval Academy Stadium Picture ID required to enter the Naval Academy  Stadium shuttle available to take Masons to the Lodge and Ladies or Masons unable to walk to the Naval Academy entrance

Sincerely and Fraternally, Philip Maxon, PM Worshipful Master

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