February 2016 From the East


The mild winter quickly turned and I hope the brothers were able to dig out of “Snowzilla”. I know it took me a few days to dig out. I hope everyone took a few minutes to enjoy the  historic snow.
January brought a new year and a new line. The first meeting saw the closed installation of officers for 2016. I want to thank you all again for electing me as the Master for the second year. I look forward to working with the line and the members to move forward and advance the Lodge and membership in 2016.
The second meeting saw an outline of ideas for the year and update on the building situation. On the panel to the side is a schedule of events throughout the year. If members have additional ideas, please feel free to let the me know. The central idea is to expand the presence in the community as well as increase fellowship.
Events include an Apron Night, where Brothers are encouraged to wear their white leather aprons as an explanation of the apron and other aspects of Lodge etiquette will be explained.
Other events include a Past Masters Night in April 2016, the Lodge’s Annual CHIP Event and Open House during the Laurel Main Street Festival, and the annual Strawberry and  Scholarship Night in June 2016.


Another new event I would like to try this year include a Fellowship/ Gaming night at the Lodge in May 2016. I also would like to have a Table Lodge in the Fall as it would be a great means of fellowship.
For February, we celebrate 50 years of service, discuss and make decisions on the future of the Lodge, and initiate some new Brothers.
Our first meeting in February will see Brother Lewis Davenport receive his 50 year service award. In that meeting, we will also go through and start to down select  the four options before the Lodge regarding the future building. We may also vote on the petition of another  candidate.
Our second meeting will see us confer the  Entered Apprentice  degree for Mr.  Hoshimov and perhaps another candidate. As it will also be Presidents Day, I will give a short history of our Presidents that were Masons.
The end of the month will be particularly busy as the Bingo Night at Bonnie Blink is  rescheduled due to the snow. The new date is Friday, February 26th. Those that can help, please let the me know. The next day, Saturday the 27th, will be the Regional Meeting at Centennial Lodge #174. Coffee and donuts at  9:00 a.m.  The day after on that Sunday, the 28th is the Religious  service at Bonnie Blink. For more information, please see Brother Swetizer, P.M.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Philip Maxon Worshipful Master

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