June 2014 Communication

My personal favorite month has been, I’m pleased to say, one of positive accomplishments for the Lodge. We jumped right in with the last of our Service Award ceremonies, with Bro. Joe Thomas receiving his 50-year pin from our Grand Inspector Brad Andrukitis, followed immediately by a fine First Degree conducted entirely by our own Bro. SW Phil Maxon. Bro. Phil continues to reinforce my faith that in but a short half a year’s time I’ll be taking that walk away from the East. Go Phil!


We then went on to hold our Open House/C.H.I.P.s Programs concurrently, along with Patmos Lodge, both of which events went off very well, with 49 children being registered despite our having access to only 2 machines, and a number of interested and interesting enquirers visited the Lodge. By the way, Brethren: while we were working the C.H.I.P.s, Bro. JW Mike Tucker was approached by 1 lady enquiring if we could do the same at Laurel’s 4th of July Festival, and another who asked if we could do it at a Redskins’ game in the Fall (w/a possible 40K Gate!). If either or both of these contacts pan out, we may soon need to engage in the Program again in a major way. Stay tuned on that. The very next practice found neither myself nor Bro. Phil able to attend, but the reins were competently picked up by Bro. JW Tucker, who did a fine job of getting our Bro. SD Beall squeakily close to Proficiency on his Middle Chamber Lecture, thanks to dedicated work on the part of himself and Bro. Treas. Bob Murphy. One of the pillars suffered an accident, but it’s now repaired and fascinating historical material was revealed in the process.


Next weekend found the SW, JW and myself down at the Grand Lodge for the Semi-Annual Communication, at which much updating of info was received and the new Grand Line was voted in. Our second meeting involved much housekeeping and preparation for our upcoming Strawberry Night, when we get to give back to the community and invest in our collective futures through our Scholarship awards. This meeting was rounded out by a rousing speech on the meaning of the 3rd Degree and the responsibilities of Masonry in general by Bro. Harold Grainger, Pres. of M.E.S.H. Corp., PM of Daylight Lodge, 33rd Degree holder, Honorary Member of the Grand Line of DC, etc., etc. I knew it would be a great presentation and was so happy to be able to get him.


And so, my Brethren, as PM Grainger himself would say, the Work goes on; and we should be glad in it. I look forward to closing for the summer with some flourish, Thanks to all of you!

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