March 2016 From the East

Old man winter won again this Presidents Day. This was the second year in a row we had to cancel the Lodge meeting due to inclement weather. hope everyone stayed safe and enjoyed the snow.

Our first and only meeting in February saw the presentation of the 50 year service award to Brother Lewis Davenport. t was great to see Brother Davenport and go back through the minutes of the Lodge to remember each of the nights he received his three degrees. is Master Mason degree turned out to be conferred by all Past Masters. t was pretty fascinating and enjoyable evening.
Brethren, the Lodge is on the verge of deciding how to proceed with the future of the Lodge. Also, at our meeting on February 1st, the Lodge decided to narrow the options to:

1. Renovating the existing building, with the long term goal of maybe pursuing a piece of property for a new building.

2. Merging with Birmingham Lodge 188.
A final determination and vote will not be occur until the respective committees had made their final recommendations and we have reasonable estimates for the cost of renovating the existing building. Any decision made be fore then is premature.

However, encourage as many brothers as possible to reach out to Master with their own views and opinions, phone or email. The first meeting in March 7th will start the process as the committees will discuss their findings thus far. f brothers are interested in the future of the Lodge, please attend and make your voice heard. f you cannot attend, reach out to the Master if you have an opinion.

Our March 7th meeting will also be a White Apron Night. encourage all the members to dig out those White Leather Aprons we were all given as Entered Apprentice and wear them that evening. We will look into the history and meaning of the apron, as well as go over simple Masonic etiquette.
A day before, on March 6th, is the City of Laurels pen House, from 1:00-4:00 P.M. f any brothers would like to join in manning the table explaining the craft and seeking new brothers, please let the Master know.

At our second meeting on March 21st, we will confer the Enter Apprentice Degree for Mr. Hoshimov and Mr. Brendan. encourage the three current Entered Apprentices to attend both meetings.

Finally, as a note, we recently installed a door bell at the back door of the Lodge. If a brother is running a tad late before a meeting and finds the back door locked, just ring the doorbell and the Tyler will head down.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Philip Maxon, PM Worshipful Master

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