May 2014 Communication

Well, Brethren, T.S. Eliot may’ve dubbed it the “cruelest”, but for us April was the busiest month thus far. The final release of Winter’s grasp turned us into a veritable “hive” of activity. Back-to-Back we survived a visit by the MWGM and his Line to give Service Awards to 2 deserving Brothers, with a 60 – year recognition going to our own great PM Bro. Bob Hughes (who, by the way, has been tirelessly providing the GL with a summation of our history), as well as 3 Third Degrees conferred in one evening. This was followed by a graveside service for our recently departed Bro. Hurst, who’s son gave us a generous donation in appreciation, and a home visit to confer another 60 – year Award upon Bro. James Skidmore (the last remaining soul to have been initiated with Bro. Bob Hughes). Much makeup housekeeping has had to be addressed as well, and preparations for our Open House/Main Street Festival Events are fully afoot. A finale’ to April should be a 2nd Degree Exemplification by SW Bro. Phil Maxon on Weds. 30th. As usual for this, we really need “all hands on deck” – mark your calendars!


May will find us no less busy, perhaps more so. There’ll be one more Service Award given on 5/5, as well as (I hope) another lst Degree. The next Saturday will find us hosting the Open House, on Main Street, or both, as the case may be. The 14th may see another 2nd Degree Exemplification, this time for our SD Bro. Gary Beall. The 17th is the GL Semi-Annual Communication, which I and the Wardens shall attend, and finally, with all this practice, it’s my hope we’ll be holding a 2nd Degree Conferral on 5/19 for somebody (-ies). All this, and we must also be preparing for Scholarship Night in June. So, all in all, it’s a good thing the Winter Doldrums are past us!

With All Fond and Fraternal Regards,
William T. Masonis, Worshipful Master

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