November 2015 Communication

The year is nearly over and we only have 4 more stated meetings this calendar year. It is amazing how fast this year has flown.


Our first meeting in October saw an overview of the new Grand Lodge database as well as the establishment of the four committees on exploring new Lodge options. The committees will report each month on their progress. More information on those committees below. The second meeting saw Senior Warden Tucker assume the East as I was under the weather. It was a regular communication and the Senior Warden did a fine job in the East.


The month of November is degree heavy as our first meeting on November 2, we will be conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree for Mr. Harner. Hopefully, at our second meeting on November 16, we will confer the Fellow Craft degree for Brothers Adam Roth and Oswin Quezada. I am sure the Line will be ready to confer both degrees. I am deeply impressed by how hard the Line has worked thus far. The future is definitely bright. I’ll also note that our first meeting in December is our annual Holiday Party and coordination with Toys for Tots. This year it will be a pot-luck. More information will be forthcoming.


At our October 5th meeting I established four committees to explore the four options on the future of the Lodge. These committees will explore the cost and benefits of each option whereby the Lodge and Holding Corporation can make a fully informed decision. Committee members are below.

1. Renovate the existing building for the short and/ or medium term:

  • Bro. Bernie Burke, PM Bob Mur-phy and Bro. Cecil Lee

2. Build a new building upon the land the Lodge previously voted for in 2012-2013.

  • PM Bill Todd, Bro. Gary Bealle, Bros. Shawn Poore and Carl Canter-bury

3. The Grand Lodge builds a new building for the Lodge. The Lodge pays rent to the Grand Lodge.

  • PM Mark Bealle, PM Bob Hughes, and PM Greg Sweitzer

4. The Lodge mergers and moves with another Lodge, potentially Birmingham No. 188.

  • PM Ritchie Seigel, PM Dave Whet-zel, and Bro. William Tucker

The Lodge has been stuck in neutral on any progress on the exiting building and a new building. The time has come for the Lodge to explore all options and make a firm decision.
If any member wish to ask questions, seek additional information, or submit suggestions, contact the Worshipful Master.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Philip Maxon
Worshipful Master

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