October 2015 Communication



Our first meeting back after the break was a special one. On September 21st, we raised Brothers Roy Bates and David Schwartz. It was a long, but enjoyable night. All the officers did a great job moving up essentially two chairs. The hard work of the summer really paid off. I think we have the foundation for a great line next year.


A day before on September 20 was the Southern Maryland Masonic Picnic where we were the host Lodge. I want to thank the Brothers that made the trip down to assist. The picnic went off without a hitch and was great fun for all involved.


The month of October will see the Lodge addressing potential large changes to where Lodge may be located. Our first meeting on October 5th will address various options with the future of our Lodge building. More information is on the next page. We will also be doing a walk through of the new Grand Lodge database for members. The walkthrough will entail all the ins and outs of the new system, how members can use it and how it can benefit the Lodge.


Our October 19 meeting will hopefully see the conferral of the Fellow Craft Degree for Brothers Adam Roth and Oswin Quezada. There will also be a Holding Corporation and Pillar Club meeting after the Lodge meeting on October 19 for elections for President and
Treasure for each.

Potential New Lodge Options:
At our October 5th meeting I plan on establishing four committees to explore the four options on the future of the Lodge. These committees will explore the cost and benefits of each option whereby the Lodge and Holding Corporation can make a fully informed decision.

  • Renovate the existing building for the short and/ or medium term.
  • Build a new building upon the land the Lodge previously voted for in 2012-2013
  • The Grand Lodge builds a new building for the Lodge. The Lodge pays rent to the Grand Lodge.
  • The Lodge mergers and moves with another Lodge, potentially Birmingham No. 188.

The Lodge has been stuck in neutral on any progress on the exiting building and a new building. The time has come for the Lodge to explore all options and make a firm decision.
If any member cannot make the meeting, but wish to ask questions, seek additional
information, or submit suggestions, contact the Worshipful Master. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.


Sincerely and Fraternally,
Philip Maxon
Worshipful Master

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